Smashy City

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3.9 (9 Reviews)
Smashy City is an action-packed, city-destroying game that lets you unleash your inner monster. The game is all about causing as much chaos and destruction as possible. You take control of a giant monster and rampage through the city, smashing it to rubble.

The game features over 50 monsters to unlock, each with their own unique strengths and skills. From a giant ape, lizard, wolf, and spider to even a penguin and a giant bunny, the choice of monster is yours. Each monster can go into rampage mode, becoming indestructible and smashing everything in its path.

The city in Smashy City is randomly generated and endless, providing a unique experience each time you play. As you wreak havoc, you’ll have to face off against the police, SWAT, and the army who will try to stop your path of destruction. You’ll battle against APCs, tanks, helicopters, and more.

In addition to the main game mode, Smashy City also offers a special game mode where you fight against Kaiju as Ultraman.

With its stylized graphics and single-player action, Smashy City offers a fun and engaging gaming experience. So, how much city can you smash? Unleash your monster and find out!

Move = A & D Keys or Left and Right Arrow Keys.
SPACE = Rampage Mode.

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