Stick Slasher

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“Stick Slasher” is an epic 2D fighting game that immerses players in a world of relentless adversaries armed with shields, swords, or guns. The game challenges players to confront a range of enemy types, secure the highest scores, and ascend to the title of the ultimate warrior.

In this fast-paced, action-packed game, players wield a variety of weapons to fend off endless waves of enemies. As you vanquish foes, increasingly diverse and challenging adversaries emerge. Whether you decapitate them, sever their limbs, or strike elsewhere, each kill brings its own satisfaction.

The game boasts five distinct enemy types: Basic Enemy, Dual Sword Enemy, Giant Sword Enemy, Sword Mage, Flying Mage, and Tarantula Stick. Each enemy challenges players to devise unique strategies and tactics. The excitement doesn’t stop there! The developers are in the process of adding even more enemy types to ensure a constantly evolving combat experience.

Scoring in Stick Slasher is multifaceted, with three different metrics: Head Slash, Kill, and Mercy. These scores not only gauge player performance but also influence the game’s difficulty level. While the current weapon system offers a range of combat options, the developers are also developing new weapon types to further diversify your battle strategies.

Stick Slasher delivers a one-of-a-kind combat experience, demanding both rapid reflexes and astute strategy. Challenge your warrior prowess, achieve top scores, and claim the title of the ultimate warrior! Stay tuned for upcoming updates that promise to elevate your gaming experience. Please note that the game contains mature content, as you may see disembodied stick-man body parts and blood throughout gameplay.

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Movement = Arrow Keys
Left Hand = Left Click
Right Hand = Right Click

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