Stick Squad 2

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Stick Squad 2 is an action-packed sniper game that immerses you in the world of elite sharpshooters embarking on high-stakes missions. As a member of the Stick Squad, you’ll tackle thrilling assignments to eliminate dangerous targets and neutralize criminal threats.

The game tests your shooting skills as you join the world’s most elite special operation force. You’ll complete over 20 new unconventional missions to get rid of some badass stickman. The game controls are primarily mouse-based, making it accessible and easy to pick up.

The storyline of Stick Squad 2 unfolds through a series of challenging missions, each presenting its own set of objectives and targets. Armed with a powerful sniper rifle, your task is to take down high-profile threats with accuracy and precision.

In Stick Squad 2, every mission has its own aim, so be careful what your captain says. After each successful level, try to buy new weapons. The main thing is to finish the job in perfect order. Be very careful in every situation, because only then you can survive in this game.

Enjoy the thrill of being part of the Stick Squad and embark on your mission today!

Controls = Left Click

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