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Description: is an exciting and addictive game that offers a thrilling gaming experience with two different modes.

In Single Player Mode, you control a hole to swallow various stickman characters scattered throughout the city to battle with the boss. The aim is to swallow as many stickmen as possible within a set time limit on each level. The more stickmen you gather, the stronger your troops become, preparing you for an epic showdown against a formidable boss. Strategic planning is essential to maximize your collection and ensure victory.

The game also features a Two-Player Mode where you can play and battle with your friend in a competitive showdown. Both you and your friend need to swallow the stickmen as many as you can within the specified time limit. The player who eats the most stickman gains an advantage. When time runs out, your collected troop will fight with your friend’s troop. The player with the last stickman standing wins the match.

Whether you’re looking for a casual game to pass the time or a competitive battle to challenge your friends, has got you covered! Enjoy the game and may the best stickman win!

Player 1:
Movement = WASD
Player 2:
Movement = Arrow Keys

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