Stickman World War

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Stickman World War is a captivating 2D strategy game that immerses players in an action-packed campaign. The game progresses through various themes, providing a diverse and engaging experience.

The game features modern weaponry, units, and structures, offering a comprehensive warfare experience. Players must defend their base from enemy stickmen armed with a plethora of weapons and military vehicles. When the moment is right, they can go beyond enemy lines to bring the enemy base crashing down.

In addition to the campaign mode, players can take the battle online, testing their strategic skills in real-time battles with players from around the world. The game also includes a survival mode that puts your strategic planning and the strength of your army to the test. The longer you can handle the torrent of enemy stickmen, the more money you’ll earn for upgrading your units and base.

Players can enhance their military might by buffing the stats of their army and oil workers in the armory, making units stronger, more protected, and better at carrying oil money. The shop also provides temporary buffs in-game, making oil workers generate more cash or sending in carpet bombs on enemy turf.

Stickman World War offers over 50 unique tasks for players to complete, ensuring a long-lasting and diverse gaming experience. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or just love the stickman aesthetic, Stickman World War is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Enjoy the game!

Controls = Left Click

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