Sue's Cooking Game

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Sue’s Cooking Game is an exciting culinary adventure that takes you into the world of ramen making. In this game, you step into Sue’s kitchen and become a ramen chef, preparing delicious ramen with various ingredients like noodles, soup, green onions, and eggs.

The main task is to cook the ramen right and serve it up before the time runs out. Each bowl of ramen you make has to taste just right! The first step to making delicious ramen is to fill up your pot with water. Then, you add the ingredients. The ramen noodles and soup can be added at any point, but to get the best taste, you should add the green onions and eggs when the water is boiling.

When your ramen is ready to serve, you place it on a tray. Your delicious bowl of ramen will then be evaluated, and you’ll earn money based on how tasty it is. The aim of the game is to earn 10,000 won before the time runs out!

Remember, you have a spare pot in case one of your pots burns out. If there’s no spare pot, there’s no replacement. Lastly, keep in mind that timing is everything! Make sure to watch your pots closely so your ramen doesn’t overcook. Adding ingredients at the right time is key to making the perfect ramen.

So put on your chef’s hat, start that pot boiling, and get ready to make some tasty ramen. Happy cooking!

Controls = Left Click

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