Sumo Slam

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Sumo Slam is an engaging and competitive multiplayer game that brings the thrilling world of sumo wrestling to your screen. This game allows up to four players to participate in a sumo wrestling match on a platform, with the goal of pushing their opponents off the cliff to become the last man standing.

The game features sumo wrestlers who belong to the category of people who are just fat, obese, and you must be one of them, trying to win matches pushed the Japanese mountains. The game is played on a fixed-screen showing a platform with the sumo wrestlers using a top-down view.

In Sumo Slam, players need to be careful and attentive as opponents can come from behind and try to push them off the platform. To win, players need to keep pushing forward with all their power and build their edges so they can take down all opponents of the muscular and giant sumo ring.

Sumo Slam also offers several game modes. Players can fight with their friends or the PC by knocking them out of the ring area. They can play tag with the PC or their friends with the mosquito mode. Or they can try to eat all the Sushi before time runs out.

With its unique gameplay and exciting challenges, Sumo Slam is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment for players of all ages. Good luck and may the best sumo wrestler win!

Player 1 Controls:
Arrow Keys.
Player 2 Controls:
WASD Keys.
Player 3 Controls:
Player 4 Controls:
Numpad 4568.

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