TOYS Rumble: Merge and Clash

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2.5 (4 Reviews)

"TOYS Rumble: Merge and Clash" is a game developed by MAD PIXEL GAMES LTD. It offers an easy and fun epic war strategy where players merge units to upgrade them and engage in epic battles. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Merge to Upgrade: Players can merge their units to upgrade them, enhancing their abilities and strength in battles.

  • Epic Battles: The game involves engaging in epic battles, testing the player's strategic skills.

  • Master Battle Tactics: Players can master various battle tactics to gain an edge in the game.

  • Upgrade the Cute Army: The game features a 'cute' army that players can strategically upgrade.

  • Fight Epic Bosses: Players will have the opportunity to fight against epic bosses, providing a challenging and exciting gameplay experience.

  • Explore New Tools: The game allows players to explore new tools to crush their enemies.

Movement = WASD
Interact = Left Click

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