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Description: is an engaging online multiplayer game that takes the concept of cellular growth and splitting to exciting new heights. Players control a cell, navigating a vast arena filled with smaller cells to consume and grow. The game is reminiscent of the classic, but with its unique twists and features.

In, the primary goal is to grow by feeding your cell with food or energy scattered all over the arena. As you move slowly, consuming many types of colored dots, your size increases exponentially. While the initial stages might seem slow, the game becomes thrilling as you press the spacebar to divide your bubbles into other tiny bubbles that move faster and can consume the food in front of you.

When you’re large enough, there will be smaller players around you trying to steal your food. You can press the spacebar and release some fast bullets to absorb these smaller enemies, making you even larger. However, if you’re small but smart, you can stay close to big players that are fighting and spreading their smaller bubbles. This strategy is risky but a quick way to consume fast-growing bubbles and gain a lot of mass. is classified as an .io game because of the most played mode called Ultra Split 1v1, which can host up to 263 players competing in the same arena. There are also other game modes like Megasplit 1, BIG-FFA 3, Instant 2, Self-feed 3, Crazy two, fast-split three, Mega-Dual 2, and Ultrasplit 3, each hosting a different number of players on the same server.

One of the fun aspects of this game is the ability to chat with other players while playing or spectating others. is a highly addictive multiplayer arena game where your objective is to become the arena’s most cultivated cell. Show no mercy to your opponents and become the master of the Tricksplit arena! Good luck, and have a blast playing

Move with the mouse.

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