War of Kings: Battle 3D

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Experience epic battles of stickman kings in a vast arena with War of Kings: Battle, a captivating 3D .io game. Command your formidable army to ascend to the pinnacle of greatness in this accessible and engaging game suitable for players of all levels.

War of Kings boasts an endless array of levels, ensuring you'll never run out of challenges to conquer. Engage in thrilling competition as you climb the leaderboard and strive to attain the coveted title of the ultimate ruler.

Amass gold to bolster and enhance your army's power, while also subduing peaceful inhabitants to claim dominion as the map's reigning king. With its stunning visuals and swift-paced gameplay, you'll find yourself irresistibly drawn into the action, eagerly anticipating each exhilarating battle. Join the fray and rise to become the ruler of stickman kings in War of Kings: Battle!

Movement = WASD Keys / Left Click.

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