Zombotron Re-Boot

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Zombotron Re-Boot is an action-packed adventure that throws players into a survival frenzy on an enigmatic and long-forgotten planet. Here are the key details:

  • Setting: The game unfolds on an unknown planet that was once colonized by people but was eventually abandoned and left to the whims of the unknown.

  • Protagonist: You play as Blaze Rush, a freelance mercenary who receives a distress call from this mysterious planet. His mission is to survive, help those in need, and uncover the planet's secrets.

  • Enemies: Prepare to face a variety of foes, including zombies, evil robots, and other mysterious monsters. Each enemy type has unique abilities.

  • Gameplay Features:

    • Destructible World: The game world is well-developed and destructible.

    • Weapon Variety: Discover and use a wide range of weapons to fend off enemies.

    • Environmental Interaction: You can strategically use the environment to defeat enemies.

    • Gamepad and Headphones Support: For an immersive experience, utilize gamepads and headphones.

  • Remastered Version: Zombotron Re-Boot is a remaster of the original Zombotron Flash game series. It features updated graphics, an improved physics engine, and new, rich effects.

Get ready to unravel the mystery of the planet Zombotron and survive against all odds!

Movement = WASD
Jump = Space
Attack = Left Click
Interact = E

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