Animal Evolution Simulator

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Embark on an incredible journey of transformation with Animal Evolution Simulator. Start as a humble worm and evolve to reach the pinnacle of development. Your survival depends on eating plants and mushrooms, growing stronger, and defending yourself against predators.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Evolution: Choose your path wisely—will you be a stealthy hunter, silently stalking your prey, or a formidable defender, protecting your territory with might?

  • Survival Gameplay: Experience the thrill of survival as you navigate a dangerous world. Eat to grow, fight off predators, and adapt to the ever-changing environment to thrive.

  • Skill Upgrades: Upgrade your skills as you evolve, adapting to new challenges and opportunities that come with each stage of development.

  • Exploration: Discover and explore the vast map filled with diverse biomes, each presenting unique challenges and rewards.

  • New Biomes: Step into new biomes as you evolve, uncovering what the next stage of evolution has in store for you.

Good luck in your evolutionary adventure!

Movement = WASD
Jump = Space
Attack = Left Click
Move Camera = Right Click
Zoom In / Out = Mouse Wheel

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