Stick War 2

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3.8 (4 Reviews)
Command an army of stick figures, forging alliances and battling hostile nations in Stick War 2. Strategize your approach as you deploy units, harvest gold, and hone your mastery of weaponry including swords, bows, magic, and even giants. Your objective: obliterate enemy statues and expand your dominion across territories.

In this world, factions vie for supremacy, each boasting distinctive methods of defense and offense. With a fervent belief in their superiority, they wage war to impose their ideologies on others. As the leader of "Order," it's your duty to safeguard your people against aggressors. Seize the initiative, acquire advanced technology, and wage war for liberation on the battlefield.

Embark on a gripping campaign featuring diverse missions or test your mettle in the relentless Zombie Survival Mode. Dive into a realm where nations cultivate their unique technologies and vie for control, each convinced of the righteousness of its cause. Will you lead with honor and secure victory, or succumb to the relentless tide of opposing forces?

Interact = Left Click
Movement = WASD


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