Backrooms Escape 1

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5.0 (3 Reviews)
Explore the immersive world of Backrooms Escape 1, a captivating game set within an infinite labyrinth of vibrant yellow chambers permeated by the distinct aroma of damp carpeting, accompanied by the low hum of fluorescent lights. As per the game's lore, these rooms are divided into intricate levels and floors, and you find yourself on one of them, faced with the daunting challenge of not only surviving but also successfully making your escape. Will you uncover the elusive exit? Exercise caution as you navigate this spine-tingling adventure, remaining vigilant of your surroundings. Prepare to experience a palpable sense of dread, not only from the eerie solitude within these yellow-walled chambers but also from the potential presence of lurking monsters that may inhabit this enigmatic environment.

Movement = WASD Keys.
Run = Shift.
Jump = Space.
Interact = E.

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