Big City Battle

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"Big City Battle!" is a single/multiplayer fighting game set in the universe of the Disney series "Big City Greens".

Game Modes

  • Tutorial Mode: Players who are new to the game can take the tutorial, where they will learn how to play as a character before they can take on the Story or Challenge Mode.

  • Story Mode: The game's Story Mode tells players about the traditional family rite of passage and what it takes to claim the Green family name. The player is limited to choosing either Cricket or Tilly, who faces several opponents before Gramma in a showdown. There are three difficulty levels - Foolin’ (Easy), Toolin' (Normal/Medium), and Gruelin' (Hard).

  • Challenge Mode: In the Challenge Mode, players can perform any particular activities, in order to accomplish tasks and win some unlockables.

  • Battle Mode: A versus mode where players fight against an opponent. The player may fight against another player or an AI opponent.


The game features several characters from the series, including Cricket Green, Tilly Green, and Remy Remington, each with their own unique intro quotes, jump attacks, special attacks, and victory quotes. For example, Cricket Green's intro quote is "Watch out, I bite!", and his special attack involves throwing bottles of Splish at his opponent. Tilly Green, on the other hand, commands a pack of rats for her special attack.

Player 1:
Move = A & D
Jump = W
Attack = S
Special Attack = Space
Player 2:
Move = Left & Right Arrow Keys
Jump = Down Arrow Key
Attack = Enter
Special Attack = Space

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