Carnage Battle Arena

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5.0 (2 Reviews)
Carnage Battle Arena is a high-octane sports car game where speed is just the beginning. The game stands out with its extensive destruction model, allowing players to wreak havoc on the streets and transform the environment as they race.

Players can choose from a selection of 82 awesome cars and engage in various game modes, including the thrilling Battle Arena and Survival. The game is characterized by its blocky, retro-styled graphics that add a unique charm to the gameplay.

One of the highlights of the game are the game-changing power-ups that players can use to gain an edge in the races. These power-ups add an extra layer of excitement as players race through dozens of unique maps.

In essence, Carnage Battle Arena is all about speed, destruction, and survival. It offers players the thrill of racing while causing chaos on the streets. It’s a game that promises and delivers fun, excitement, and a whole lot of carnage! Happy gaming!

Move the car: WASD or arrow keys
Drift: C
Nitro: Shift
Jump: Space
Spin the car: Double press S or arrow down
Shoot: E
Pause: ESC

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