Cat Mario

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3.9 (31 Reviews)
Cat Mario, also known as “Syobon Action” or “Neko Mario”, is a 2D side-scrolling platform game that is known for its high level of difficulty and unpredictability. The game appears to be a simple homage to Super Mario Bros. at first glance, with similar graphics and gameplay. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the game is designed to be frustratingly difficult and full of traps.

In Cat Mario, you control a white cat-like character through various levels filled with hidden traps, invisible blocks, and enemies that behave in unexpected ways. The game is notorious for its “unfair” level design, where seemingly safe paths lead to instant death, and obvious dangers are actually harmless.

Despite its difficulty, or perhaps because of it, Cat Mario has gained a cult following among gamers who enjoy the challenge and the humorous, unexpected ways the game subverts traditional platformer conventions. It’s a game that tests not only your platforming skills but also your patience and your ability to adapt to its twisted logic.

Movement= Arrow Keys.

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