Cut the Rope Experiments

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Cut the Rope: Experiments is part of the wildly popular Cut the Rope series. The game introduces a new character, a professor who is keen on studying the eating behavior of the adorable creature, Om Nom. The professor's amusing commentary adds a fresh twist to the game as players progress through the levels.


The gameplay remains true to the original Cut the Rope formula, making it a physics-based puzzler. The objective of each stage is to maneuver a piece of candy into Om Nom's mouth. The stages are filled with obstacles that can either aid or hinder the players, all of which are interacted with via the touch screen. Players can slice ropes to drop their piece of candy, pop bubbles to stop candy from floating, tap air cushions to push candy in a specific direction, and more.

New Features

Cut the Rope: Experiments introduces new props like a rope shooter and a suction cup. The rope shooter fires a rope that automatically connects with the stage's candy, with the length of the rope determined by how far away the candy is. This opens up the possibility for puzzles involving precise timing. The suction cup, on the other hand, can be released from the wall and reattached by tapping, setting up some of the most complex puzzles in the Cut the Rope series yet.

Graphics and Presentation

The game maintains the same charming graphics and presentation as the original. The levels are bright and fun, and Om Nom's movements as he tries to grab the candy add a lot of personality to the game.


Cut the Rope: Experiments is a delightful sequel that offers more of the same engaging gameplay, which is fantastic. The new levels are just as polished and fun as ever, and Cut the Rope veterans will likely relish the higher difficulty. While it would have been nice to see more innovation in the premise, the game is still a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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