Duo Vikings

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3.3 (3 Reviews)
“Duo Vikings” is a 2-player cooperative game. The game revolves around two brave Viking warriors who embark on an adventure to raid a gorgeous castle filled with riches and treasures.

The castle is filled with various levels, each presenting a unique set of obstacles that the players must navigate through. The gameplay involves stepping on triggers, opening doors, activating elevators, and smashing breakable objects.

The game encourages teamwork as players need to solve exciting puzzles together to progress through the stunning halls of the castle. The ultimate goal is to earn their place in Valhalla.

“Duo Vikings” offers a fun and engaging experience, especially when played with a friend.

Player 1:
Move = A / D
Jump = W
Hit / Use = S
Player 2:
Move = Left & Right Arrow Keys
Jump = Up Arrow Key
Hit / Use = Down Arrow Key

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