Feed Us 3

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Feed Us 3 is an exciting and engaging underwater adventure game that brings more challenges and surprises than its previous versions. The game features a big, hungry piranha that is back for more thrilling adventures. This time, the game presents more challenges and surprises than before, making it more fascinating than its predecessors.

In Feed Us 3, you play as a clever piranha navigating through various underwater levels. Each level has its own goals and objectives, which have evolved in this new version. You’ll find new treasures, face different challenges, and adapt to changing environments, making your journey underwater more thrilling than ever!

Each level is a playground filled with areas to explore. Look for holes in underwater rocks to find fast passages between areas. But be careful! In this version, sea monsters might pop out of these passages. There are also new dangers to avoid, like electrifying jellyfish.

When you see a boat, guide your piranha to hit it. Keep hitting until it sinks, and then quickly eat the people who fall into the water. But be quick - they try to swim away! Collect blood from your meals for upgrades like more piranhas, faster swimming, and stronger attacks. Complete your mission before time runs out, which includes sinking boats and finding treasure chests. These chests also add extra time to your mission.

What’s new in Feed Us 3? There’s more to explore with new areas. Beware of sea monsters in the fast passages. Upgrades now include enhancing your piranha’s smell to better detect prey. Also, each mission comes with unique details like weather conditions and water currents.

So, are you ready to become the smartest piranha in the sea? Dive in and start your thrilling journey now with Feed Us 3!

Move your Mouse to Attack.

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