Funny Battle Simulator

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Funny Battle Simulator is a captivating game that merges strategy, action, and humor into a unique blend. This game, developed by GoGoMan and released in November 2022, has gained popularity for its large-scale battles, unique units, and stunning graphics.

The game stands out with an unexpected mix of characters. As the commander of a vast army, your crucial role is to orchestrate war strategies leading to victory. You can command ordinary infantry and archers, send mythical Cyclops and Spartans into battle, watch your grenadiers throw grenades at enemies, and even control the mighty Zeus to throw lightning.

The game draws inspiration from the famous Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), and your objective is to assemble an army that can withstand and defeat the enemy forces. It features ragdoll physics of enemies, adding an extra layer of fun and unpredictability to the battles.

The game offers a variety of unique and funny units, and the battles are large-scale and spectacular.

Funny Battle Simulator is a browser-based game, making it accessible on desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. It uses HTML5 (Unity WebGL) technology, ensuring smooth and high-quality gameplay.

In Funny Battle Simulator, every battle is a test of your tactical skills. So, get ready to crush all enemies and show your strategic prowess in this action-packed game! Enjoy the beautiful graphics, unique units, and large-scale battles that make Funny Battle Simulator a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Move: Arrow keys or WASD
Jump: Spacebar
Attack: Left mouse click
Block: Right mouse click
Sprint: Shift
Crouch: Ctrl
Interact: E
Inventory: I
Pause: Esc

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