Google Pacman

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Google Pacman is an online version of the classic arcade game, Pac-Man, that was developed by Google as an Easter egg for its search engine in 2010. The game features the same gameplay and mechanics of the original Pac-Man game where players control Pac-Man and must navigate through a maze, collecting pellets and avoiding ghosts. The game's objective is to collect all the pellets while surviving as long as possible. The game features the same colorful and iconic graphics and sound effects that made the original Pac-Man game a classic. With its nostalgic feel and gameplay, Google Pacman is perfect for players who enjoyed the original game and for those who want to experience the nostalgia of playing a classic arcade game online. Play now and join Pac-Man in his adventure through the maze.

Player 1:
Move: WASD.
Player 2:
Move: Arrow Keys.

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