Stick War Ninja Duel

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Welcome to the thrilling world of Stick War Ninja Duel! Engage in breathtaking battles with an array of awesome ninja characters. Uncover your own unique fighting techniques, outwit your opponents, and claim victory at the top! Enjoy a variety of exciting features, including a protective shield, masterful swordsmanship, fiery throwing abilities, and striking beam effects. Formulate a strategic game plan to harness your ninja powers to their fullest potential. Time your moves wisely to catch your opponents off guard, unleash rapid attacks, and leave your enemies trailing behind. Seize the perfect moment to unleash your powers and gain the upper hand on your path to triumph! Immerse yourself in the ultimate ninja showdown and embrace the thrill of victory!

Movement = WASD Keys.
Charge Mana = Space.
Use Resources = J, K, L.
Use Skills = F, G, T, R, C, X.

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