The World's Easyest Game

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“The World’s Easyest Game” is a unique puzzle game that is often referred to as the easiest quiz in the world. The game is designed to be super easy to answer, but it still requires careful thought and attention.

The game features a character named Queasy Cat who dislikes hard questions and tasks. Just like a cat, you have nine lives in the game, which means if you get nine questions wrong, you lose the game. Each new level presents something new to solve. For instance, one level might present a simple riddle with a quick story where you have to guess a character’s age. Another level might require you to use a gun to shoot zombies that appear before you, or if you’re a sports fan, you might have to get a basketball into the hoop in one of the levels.

The game includes more than 100 simple questions to answer, and some questions are interactive. You are timed for each question, and if Queasy Cat sees that you are taking too long, it offers some hints to help you through.

The game is indeed easy, but it’s also designed to catch you out if you rush and answer too rashly. So, take your time, think your way through, and enjoy the game!

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