Trollface Quest 2

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Trollface Quest 2 is a flash game that takes you on a journey of laughter and brain-teasing fun. It is the sequel to Trollface Quest Videogames and features a total of 35 levels, with levels 1-32 as the main levels, and 33-35 as the bonus levels. The game presents the silliest, craziest, and most absurd puzzles in point-and-click history, with mysteries that can only be solved by picking the whackiest and craziest solution of them all.

Each level presents a new challenge where you have to troll your victim in a variety of ways. For example, in Level 1, which is based off the app My Talking Tom, you need to repeatedly tap Tom, and you’ll see a countdown starting of 5 appearing. When it hits 1, Tom will fart, rising up into the air, like a rocket, then you’ll complete the level.

In Level 2, possibly based off Uphill Rush, you need to swipe up on the water, and a toilet comes up. Swipe to the right, and the person will get stuck in the toilet. Then, tap the toilet and it will zoom in while going into the center, with stars and a vine-like win border showing that it’s some sort of achievement. Wait about 5 seconds, then tap the screen to succeed.

The game is not just a funny puzzle but also a horror arcade game that is made from cartoon game art animation. It takes you on a hilarious journey across the United States of America, trolling your way from sea to shining sea. Embark on this journey and find the right sequence to make everyone laugh. Enjoy the game!

Controls = Left Click

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