Vampire no Survivors

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Welcome to "Vampire no Survivors," an exhilarating reverse-style game where you take on the role of the powerful Vampire, commanding hordes of minions to fend off relentless Survivors.

In this gripping and action-packed game, you must utilize your strategic prowess to protect your precious coffins from the relentless attacks of the Survivors. As the Vampire, you have the unique ability to summon and control minions to fight on your behalf.

Your objective is to eliminate the Survivors who threaten your existence. Unleash your minions and devise cunning tactics to outwit and overpower your foes. The more Survivors you defeat, the better you can safeguard your coffins and ensure your survival.

To further bolster your strength, collect precious gems throughout the game. These gems serve as a valuable resource to summon even more potent and formidable minions, increasing your chances of triumph.

Additionally, opening chests scattered throughout the game rewards you with the opportunity to unlock and upgrade your units. As your minions grow stronger, so does your ability to withstand the relentless attacks of the Survivors.

Venture into the dark and thrilling world of "Vampire no Survivors," where you must strategize, command your minions, and unleash your vampiric powers to emerge victorious. Will you embrace the night and secure your dominance, or will the Survivors bring about your downfall? The choice is yours!


Summon = Left Click.
Switch Monsters = Right Click.

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