Super Auto Pets

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Super Auto Pets is an auto battler video game that has been gaining popularity among gamers and streamers alike. Created by Team Wood Games, this game allows players to choose pets with special abilities to fight against other users.


The gameplay of Super Auto Pets is engaging and strategic. Players build a team of cute pets, each with unique abilities. The game is played at your own pace, making it a chill free-to-play auto battler. The game features two modes: Arena mode and Versus mode.

Arena Mode

In Arena mode, players engage in chill asynchronous multiplayer battles without timers. The goal is to get 10 wins before losing all your hearts.

Versus Mode

Versus mode offers intense synchronous gameplay with 8 players and quick decision making. The objective is to be the last team standing before another team knocks you out.

Building a Strong Team

Building a strong team in Super Auto Pets requires strategic thinking and careful selection of pets. The shop is an integral part of the game where players can purchase animals and items to strengthen their team. Some pets, known as "snipers", can cause direct damage to a pet on the opponent's side, often ruining strategies by knocking out a key pet.


Super Auto Pets has risen in popularity ever since popular streamers have played the game, displaying it to their audiences. Its unique gameplay and adorable pet characters have made it a favorite among gamers.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for a fun and relaxing game to play, Super Auto Pets is a great choice. Its unique gameplay and adorable pet characters are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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